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For Jordan Davis- “Turn Up Our Africanity : Blackness Volume on MAX”

According to croberts5 Peace and solidarity first to the family and friends of Jordan Davis. ———- White supremacy likes its Black people on mute. Dumb, deaf, and blind. Dumb about the teachings of her past Deaf to the screams of his present Blind to the potential of our future White supremacy likes its Black people … Continue reading

POEM- Black Mother: The Blacksmith

According to croberts5… ——————————————————————————- Black Mother: The Blacksmith Humanity; your first-born child Every dynasty; a different dilation Every pyramid; a palpitation How strong you must have been, to be pregnant with civilization? Black mother, you know a thing or two about creation. His story didn’t begin until you gave birth to it. Black mother you … Continue reading

POEM: Swimming Re(laps)es of Love Memories

According to croberts5 My body remembers you. Every bed is a desert where I say goodbye to your mirage all over again. Legs reaching out for you like scorpion claws, scouring these sheets for something breathing to latch onto. In search of the remaining humanity of you, or at least your human remains on the … Continue reading

Patriarchal Piracy Still Wading in the Water: Choice and Women of Color. Thoughts Upon Reflecting on Roe v Wade 40 Years Later

According to croberts5… What are we if not our choices? Everyday in every aspect of our lives we choose different things. We choose what to wear. We choose what brand of toothpaste to buy. We choose to love. We choose to hate. Whether they are of the mundane or the monumental variety, we all make … Continue reading

My Django Review: Spaghetti, Master’s Tools, and Inspiration ALL in One (SPOILER ALERT)

According to croberts5… PREFACE: *I don’t normally do these but in this case I think it’s necessary* Over the past few days the social media world has been ablaze with the release of the new Quentin Tarantino’s new film Django Unchained. It seems as if everyone has some opinion about this film Some feel that … Continue reading

HELP! We got Accepted to present! Now we just gotta get there!

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Chris Roberts’ Confessions of a Cool Kid with “Twenties Unscripted”

Please go to the website twentiesunscripted.com to read the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Tyece of Twenties Unscripted did with me about life, art, revolution and more. See “Confessions of A Cool Kid.”

POEM “Vampires to Ashes, Love to Dust”

According to croberts5… A vampire once told me immortality is overrated. Like if forever and disappointment monogamously dated. Infinitely. They say that love is infinite, and there’s not a period in the world that could end it It’s sort of like a run on sentence Unable to be contained by a dot. Unless you connect … Continue reading

POEM: What’s The Point of This?

According to croberts5: So tell me what’s the point of this? Get on stage, say these, words, you applaud, but what’s the point of this? Cause after you dap me up and say Yo that shit was tight, dudes still on the corner hustlin’ thru the night. Open up the paper, another young man lost … Continue reading

A Poem for Trayvon: Rainbows and Rope Burns

According to croberts5: At the end of some rainbows lay Olympic size pools of blood from a body that once was… breathing. In search of  a pot of gold, or hell maybe just tryna get home. Cause Skittles commercials ain’t supposed to end this way, cause drowning at the end of the rainbow isn’t the way … Continue reading

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