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POEM “Vampires to Ashes, Love to Dust”

Consumed by pain, we remain in the remains, until we decide to no longer remain there.

According to croberts5…

A vampire once told me immortality is overrated.
Like if forever and disappointment monogamously dated.
They say that love is infinite, and there’s not a period
in the world that could end it

It’s sort of like a run on sentence Unable to be
contained by a dot. Unless you connect those dots
like you’re using a scatter plot
cause love is in all 4 quadrants
and then some.

They say that good writers don’t become great without pain,
kinda how a flower might bloom in the sun but
it won’t grow without rain
So if love resides in my heart
then pain must be crashin’ on the couch that is my veins

Cause some days it courses through me.
And I would kick it out if I could.
Intravenously gentrify my body
so that only love could afford to live there
But then that’s all my body would be

A gated house in the hood of reality, locking out
all the possibilities of what love can be.
The broken homes on my bloodstream need to be repaired
but I can’t rebuild these projects
until I change my projection.

Think less about the distance to some answer
and more about the trajectory of my questions.

Cause sometimes we love being in love
but we don’t always love the love we’re in.
When you close your eyes I’m your dream man
but when you open them back up all you want me to do
is go back to being your dream man.

Perhaps this was Pythagoras’ proliferated point.
That figment of your imagination is your a squared
Plus you as your b squared
Equals your happiness which is your c squared
But there’s only one thing missing and that’s me there

So I don’t just walk on eggshells I live there
You wanted me over easy but I taste better raw
Sometimes you gotta skip the blender and drink me out the jar
Equally yolked between your perception and my reality
Until I decided to hatch.

The me I saw when I looked at me wasn’t the me
you wanted me to be.
It was my reflection.
Imperfect in all it’s questions.
And vampirical bliss was our answer

Our love had become a cancer
sucking the life out of us at will
We were being destroyed by what we created.
Like if forever and disappointment monogamously dated.

Until the truth of my reflection tore it apart
like a garlic laced vise grip
Beat all the beating out of it
as if I were a police officer
and this wooden stake, had become my nightstick.

Ask yourself if you are in vampirical bliss.
Place your love in the light, and see if it continues
or ceases to exist.
So as I emerge from this casket of a confessional
I scan this landscape littered with disintegrated ashes

And I begin my reconstruction
among the broken homes of my bloodstream
as they lay
in the wake
of sunrise’s destruction.


About croberts5

Love on accident. Live on purpose. I do some things people label revolutionary, to me they just feel like the truth.


One thought on “POEM “Vampires to Ashes, Love to Dust”

  1. Incredibly beautiful and message well received. Thank you for sharing. šŸ™‚ The important thing to note is that it was felt, like poetry should be experienced. Thanks again.

    Posted by topello | August 3, 2012, 7:46 pm

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