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@ElleVarner is kinda AWESOME

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It is hard to turn on the radio and not hear someone singing about how many different times they want to have intercourse with you, or how many different times they re-invented sex, or how many different words they can come up with as pseudonyms for sex. Nothing against sex, I’m a fan just as much as the next human. Really, I’m all for songs dedicated to that glorious act. However, there is more to music than just that, and there are so many creative ways to discuss that (if that’s what floats your boat). And I think that’s the one thing that is hard to locate on the radio dial, or on the plethora of music video channels as we sit here today. That creativity. It may pop up from time to time, but the monotony of a diluted product can become disheartening to say the least. However, there is hope for those who long for authenticity, effortless attractiveness, and the all important aspect… talent. I came across Elle Varner a while back on YouTube, and I haven’t looked back since. Her cover of Miguel’s “Sure Thing” was on repeat a good seven times (no Badu son). *snaps if you get it*. After doing some research, turns out Elle Varner is not just dope, but she is DOPE. She plays the guitar, flute, and piano. SIDEBAR: She goes in on the guitar! This L.A. native graduated from the acclaimed Clive Davis Program of Recorded Music at NYU. She’s a West to East transplant, total opposite of my BMore to The Bay tale, but I can relate in the cross country sense (those 3 hours can be problematic when calling fam). Anyway, Elle has a voice that has a distinct sound and elicits emotion with every note… with every sound. One of the things I appreciate most about Ms. Varner is that she looks like she is having the time of her life when she sings, as if she absolutely loves what she’s doing. There are certain people who just ooze soul, and at least so far, it appears to me that Elle Varner is indeed oozing. To older fans she may sound like Jazz, to younger fans she may sound like Neo-Soul. However, I think that attempting to box her into either of those binaries would be problematic. Instead, I think it best to label Elle Varner an artist. One with the verbal acuity to rap, along with the physical and mental discipline to sing and play instruments. Having hosted open mics and other arts events for years, I can only imagine how insane she must be in a live venue with a band behind her. I can imagine a trumpet playing as she serenades the crowd reminiscent of a speakeasy, all while rockin some yellow and pink kicks just to let you know she’s cool. Ok, let me stop before I have a musicgasm.

I say these things to say that if you are looking something to not simply talk to you about doing something, but rather invoke in you a feeling of something your search is over. If you are finding yourself in search of a young energetic musician who is original, and not cast to appear “original” but genuinely original, then I encourage you to listen to Elle Varner. She has a gift., and she only wants to give it to you.

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Love on accident. Live on purpose. I do some things people label revolutionary, to me they just feel like the truth.


2 thoughts on “@ElleVarner is kinda AWESOME

  1. I really like this post! I didn’t know how many instruments she played, just heard the latest song. Love your reflections. I’m gonna go hear her sure thing cover now.

    Posted by Kathryn | November 8, 2011, 10:05 am

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