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My Purpose

WHY Are you going to Cali? Like really WTF Dude…

According to croberts5…

So one may ask why one with family, close friends, relationships, organizations, and life-time bonds built up in his hometown would move across the country for a couple years to pursue a Masters Degree. Why not get a similar degree closer to home? Why not accept a possible promotion, or a great employment opportunity doing research. You have a Sociology degree from a top 25 program nationally, why not just relax and start a comfortable life with little unpredictability. I am constantly asked “What’s over there for you? And why can’t you get it here?” The questions continue in the vein of “You can study that anywhere? How are you going to make a living with that?” The answer to these questions and many others is quite simple yet complex. And that answer is because only the Bay Area is the Bay Area, and only SF State is SF State. True, I could go anywhere and study people of African descent. There are numerous African American and Black Studies Departments all over the East Coast. All boasting of doing their best to encapsulate what they believe to be “the black experience.” However, I wish to be more than an academic. I aspire to be a scholar activist. And the Ethnic Studies and Africana Studies Departments at SF State not only teach you how to teach, but they teach you how to make a difference. Community and activism is fundamental to what we do here. For it is not enough to merely study people with pigment that leads people to believe they are what society deems to be black. But my academic journey is about how one approaches knowledge, and how one critical analyzes her or his tools of analysis, rather than only the content. Not just about what questions do we ask, but within what frameworks are we searching for the answers. I came here because I wanted to break away from a Eurocentric basis of studying people who have been historically oppressed using Eurocentric ideology. I may not be Audre Lorde but I know that there are certain tools I need to dismantle this casa, and those tools are available in a most unique way here. I came to SF State because the department and building I study in is the direct result of activism. I came to SF State because my academic career is fundamentally grounded in the collective liberation of my community and I need an educational experience that places the oppressed at the center of the work for collaborative freedom, and not merely on the margins for scholastic inquiry. In other words, I moved 3,000 miles away to the Bay because… well it was necessary.


About croberts5

Love on accident. Live on purpose. I do some things people label revolutionary, to me they just feel like the truth.


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