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Drunk off the Realness – Poem

According to croberts5 Hope you all enjoy. STAY POSITIVE. *poem inspired from Uptown Live @ Betti Ono last week* ¬†– Drunk Off The Realness – Staring at the bottom of this wine glass wondering where the night went. Similar to when I stare at my past, wondering where my life went.The stilletos on the floor … Continue reading

@ElleVarner is kinda AWESOME

According to croberts5… It is hard to turn on the radio and not hear someone singing about how many different times they want to have intercourse with you, or how many different times they re-invented sex, or how many different words they can come up with as pseudonyms for sex. Nothing against sex, I’m a … Continue reading

WHY Are you going to Cali? Like really WTF Dude…

According to croberts5… So one may ask why one with family, close friends, relationships, organizations, and life-time bonds built up in his¬†hometown would move across the country for a couple years to pursue a Masters Degree. Why not get a similar degree closer to home? Why not accept a possible promotion, or a great employment … Continue reading

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