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As many of you know, President Barack Obama was recently compared to a “tar baby” by Congressman Doug Lamborn (R). Lamborn has since rescinded his comment and says that if he could, he would use the word quagmire instead (giggity giggity… Alright). This situation leads me to believe that Lamborn is not only naive of the Black American experience, but also that he is not concerned with learning more about it. His camp was quick to issue an apology. However, what they were not quick to issue was an inquiry of black citizens of why use of that term resulted in such a visceral reaction. Instead of using this as a teachable moment, it is like Lamborn will simply add “tar baby” to a list of phrases that he should avoid using, with no real idea as to why other than it didn’t help Romney in 06. Lamborn would do himself well to look into the Anansi tales, and maybe pick up a copy of Toni Morrison’s Tar Baby.. Never has there been such liberty amongst the contemporaries of a president, within the United States, to blatantly dehumanize the person holding our nation’s highest office. Instead of coming out with statements about all the different things Congressman Lamborn now wants to say, I would suggest that instead of all that, he would do well to listen, listen to the people.


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Love on accident. Live on purpose. I do some things people label revolutionary, to me they just feel like the truth.


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