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American Gangster… Paul, Bachman, Ryan, etc.

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If you are among those in our country who think the young brothers who populate our prisons and inner cities are the real gangsters in this place we call the United States of America than you are sadly mistaken. Earlier today the U.S. Government passed a debt bill that supposedly helped avert our country from an economic shipwreck. For weeks we were inundated with the never-ending game of tug of war between the House of Representatives and The Senate. Each presented a bill destined for failure once it made it to the other body of the legislature. However, this jockeying would take a unique turn given the influence of the infamous Tea Party caucus within the U.S. Government. It was this cohort that was the metaphorical jail for Barack Obama’s monopoly man. They would block any legislation that did not severely cut domestic spending. One thing that the POTUS has repeatedly said is vital in the United States “winning the future.” And the “Get out of Jail Free” card came in the form of including over a trillion dollars in debt, some coming from defense, but largely from education, transportation, and Medicare. So in the immortal words of Three Six Mafia, the Tea Party said that there will be no one, not even the President, who will be “Testin My Gangsta.” In short, while only controlling one body of the legislature and not running the executive branch, the far-right was able to push through some of their most advantageous objectives. There is no focus on job creation, there is no tax on the wealthy, and there is no structure for revenue creation in the current bill. Our country got into debt from years and years of creating global wars against ever-changing enemies while doing much to insight global massacre, only to run in and symbolically save the day with more weapons and death. And even know we are still involved in somewhat similar endeavors across the earth. And even though powerful Republican leader John Boehner believes that the bill that passed had much of what they wanted, the Republicans want more.

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The Tea Party made it clear that there was no compromise, they are not interested in the middle ground, their primary concern is being absolutely right about everything and they could care less how it affects people who don’t worship them. Some of us would say a gangster is a person who makes thousand selling drugs, running a block, or hustling women, etc. But I would say that person is just a peon in the pantheon of gangsters. Ending subsidized loans for lower-class citizens attempting to get graduate degrees, that’s gangster. Lulling you into believing that you run a “block” when in reality that block is owned by the city and is on the verge of being gentrified into a yuppie breeding ground where you won’t be welcome to paint a newly renovated condo parking space, much less hustle, that’s gangster. Forcing the poorest of a nation to pay the largest percentage of taxes, relative to their income, that’s gangster. Convincing people that low cost (in the grand scheme) domestic programs are massive poisons to our fledgling economy, and not Wall Street, Oil, War, etc., that’s gangster. And finally, slowly but surely unraveling all the progressive work of the 60’s and 70’s all while feeding the masses the weightless rhetoric of “claiming our country back” without ever defining clearly who this “our” is (hint: if you’re poor/middle class, a person of color, not straight, or any combination, you ain’t it) that’s gangster. Move over Frank Lucas and Ricky Ross (the real one not you Rozay), Rand Paul, Michelle Bachman, and Paul Ryan are about to be spending this part of their lives living in a gangsters paradise.


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