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She Will Be Loved…

According to croberts5 (dedicated to her, her family family and friends) I wish i could do more than write this blog for you Phylicia… A young person feared missing, seemingly disappeared of the face of the earth, and a torn family looking for answers. Casey Anthony… no, Natalie Holloway… no. Actually, I am writing about … Continue reading

Stuck in the tar…

According to croberts5 As many of you know, President Barack Obama was recently compared to a “tar baby” by Congressman Doug Lamborn (R). Lamborn has since rescinded his comment and says that if he could, he would use the word quagmire instead (giggity giggity… Alright). This situation leads me to believe that Lamborn is not … Continue reading

American Gangster… Paul, Bachman, Ryan, etc.

According to croberts5 If you are among those in our country who think the young brothers who populate our prisons and inner cities are the real gangsters in this place we call the United States of America than you are sadly mistaken. Earlier today the U.S. Government passed a debt bill that supposedly helped avert … Continue reading

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