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Just Call That Shit HiiiPower

Kendrick Lamar

According to croberts5

     I had to do this post because I found out that there are people in this world who are not hip to Kendrick Lamar. *Gasps of disbelief* I know. However, there is hope. I am here to, as we say in our vernacular, put you on. Mr. Lamar is a 23 year old hip hop artist from the city of Compton. He breaks from the mainstream and provides those of us yearning for an artist with depth and critical thought something to be excited about (sidebar: plenty are out there, we just have to dig a little). Surrounded by gang violence as many of us who come of age in inner cities are, Lamar was able to avoid being sucked up by that vacuum that is the streets.

     He has been recording since the age of 16 and his music carries with it a sense of recognition about the world around him that is rare on the radio airwaves. This perhaps why you have yet to be inundated with his music (somebody page PitBull, FloRida, and that techno beat guy). Kendrick does not pretend to be completely virtuous or completely frivolous in his music but rather, he is human. His content ranges from funny punchlines to hard-hitting political commentary.  He seems to be well aware of the socially conscious history of the West Coast and it resonates through many of his songs.

     As cliche as it may be, Kendrick Lamar makes his music in a way that the listener feels as if he wants it to matter. Each word intentional, each bar a purpose. Though his star is just making it’s way into our atmosphere nationwide Kendrick, formerly KDot, is not new to this music thing. He has mixtapes available and has music all over. Naturally fans will wonder if fame will change Kendrick, degenerate him into a shell of his self, more consumer friendly to the masses.Whether the pressures of the industry will frustrate him and dissuade him from creating his art at all.

     Nevertheless, I consider him to epitomize the best of this thing we call hip hop. An artist who not only makes a living from his music, but he enhances his living by making his music. Maybe we should all start writing our own hieroglyphs.

The HiiiPower song —>


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