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Just Call That Shit HiiiPower

According to croberts5      I had to do this post because I found out that there are people in this world who are not hip to Kendrick Lamar. *Gasps of disbelief* I know. However, there is hope. I am here to, as we say in our vernacular, put you on. Mr. Lamar is a 23 … Continue reading

I’m hitting the road jack

According to croberts5 I’m at what I guess you could call is a unique time in my life. A Baltimore kid born and raised. And in a few short weeks I’m gonna be packing and taking my talents to San Francisco (see what I did there). Never been to Cali before but SFSU is a … Continue reading

The Revolution Is Here… sort of

Hey World, So after months and months of deep thought, I have decided to start this blog. I don’t know exactly where it will take me but I am excited for the journey. Revolutionary ideas will be exchanged, heated dialogue, and hopefully collaborative efforts that will create tangible change in our communities globally. Oh yeah, … Continue reading

The Help needs some Help

According to croberts5, As many of you know the film adaptation of the New York Times Bestseller The Help will be hitting the silver screen on August 10th. The Help sheds light onto the lives of black women in the Jim Crow South who worked for elite white families of that era. Throughout the mainstream … Continue reading

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